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As a house goes through changes while it ages, one of the fixtures that always seems to remain the same is the bathtub. It almost seems like they could last forever, even though they eventually need repairs and replacement, just like any other fixture in the house. Having access to a qualified plumber will ensure you get your bathtub repaired and replaced properly, to minimize any negative effects.

Do I Need a New Tub?

Most homeowners are unable to determine if their current bathtub has seen its last days and needs to be replaced. If there are visible leaks or damage, the decision is easy, but sometimes the problems occur under the surface where you canít see. If there is water leaking under the tub, or if the seal has begun to wear down, you may end up with mold growth, rotted wood and other damage that requires extensive repair.

If youíve had your tub for more than 15 to 20 years, have Brookfield Plumbing inspect it to make sure all is well and there isnít any damage occurring behind the scenes. Sometimes, a bathtub will be replaced before it needs to be, as part of a bathroom renovation for aesthetic purposes. During renovations, itís important to use a qualified technician to replace your tub, just to ensure all of the connections and seals are correctly in place and youíll enjoy a couple decadesí worth of use.

Risks of Faulty Shower Valves

Sometimes, the bathtub itself is functioning, but the shower valves need to be repaired or replaced. If the shower valves are damaged and left without being repaired, youíll encounter leaks that end up causing property damage and encouraging mold growth. As with your tub, have the shower valves inspected periodically to ensure they are not damaged and remain in good working order. Having all the elements of your bathtub and shower checked out professionally by Brookfield Plumbing will give you a good indication when replacement makes sense and is the best course of action.

Kitchen Remodeling

Brookfield Plumbing is your best resource for kitchen remodeling in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties. Since 1972, our remodeling has been helping homeowners make informed choices about layouts and design concepts for their future kitchens.  Whether you already have a vision in mind or need help developing your ideas into a cohesive whole, our kitchen design experts can are able to work realistically within virtually any budget to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.